Scale Model Ordnance Made in the USA
  • Mini M795

    $175.00 $150.00

    The M795 Miniround starts out as a solid bar of steel.  It's transformed into a scaled replica utilizing the most modern cnc tools that will impress even the most discerning of customers.  This is evident by the exceptional surface finish of the naked round.  Each round undergoes two coats of an automotive style paint process.  This leaves a beautiful, yet durable finish that will last for years to come.  Take note of the raised booster feature on the nose of the round.  The rotating band is another detailed feature that isn't painted on, this is a solid piece of machined copper, just like the actual round. 

    The overall dimensions of the round are as follows without the fuze installed. 

    Height: 12-1/4"  Diameter:  2-1/2"  Weight:  13-1/2lbs

    This make a very nice going away gift that is sure to be a conversation piece for years to come.  Custom printing also available.