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  • 81mm Mortar Bottle Opener

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    One of the most unique openers you could purchase and it is sure to be a topic of conversation at your next gathering.  Introducing the scaled 81mm mortar bottle opener.

    The fuze is machined out of aerospace 6061-T6 aluminum on one of the most advanced CNC mill-turn centers incorporating a slot for quick or super quick settings.  A safety pin hole and spanner hole, just like the real one.  The fuze is removable and is finished with the same process as the actual fuze, giving it that distinctive gold-yellow hue. 

    The body is machined out of 6061-T6 on the same advanced turning center as the fuze. It also has slots for a spanner wrench and is drilled and tapped to combine the fuze and a set screw. The set screw serves as the attachment point for the tail fins.  It is has been painted using a coat of primer and two top coats of a durable urethane finish.  The final step is printing the authentic nomenclature, capturing the attention of the most discerning buyers.

    The tails fins start out as a custom extrusion of aluminum.  They are turned on a CNC lathe, giving it the to-scale OD profile. The center is drilled out and all flash holes have been drilled around the outer diameter.  There are two versions that we offer.  The first is the bottle opener version. Our unique geometry allows the fins to grab the underside of the cap and pry off the cap with a simple lever action.  Our other version has been drilled and tapped with a 3/8 x 16 TPI hole for attaching it to most tap handles. 

    One of the coolest features is the to-scale obturating band.  This is what forms the seal, trapping the hot expanding gases as the powder burns.  It flexes and is made out of the same material and color as the actual band. 

    Last, but certainly not least, is the tube that they ship in.  It looks just like the actual tubes that come in an ammo can.  Simply cut around the dashed line and remove your piece of history.  This is sure to please even the toughest guys to buy for!